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Here is where we will post Zachary's race results and new racing team news!

Thanks to our sponsor NEFCO we now have our original chassis back and it looks good as new.  We are beginning rebuild this week, but are still trying to get the funds to buy a new roller chassis to use as a primary car. Progress and hopefully pictures to come.

If you didn't already know during the last race of the 2009 season, the late model was totaled in a 3 car accident.  But thanks to our great sponsor, NEFCO they are repairing the car so that next year we can continue to run a limited late model schedule.  Speaking of sponsors, now more than ever we are looking for people who want their company on the car for a little help with expenses.  If you'd like to help visit our contact page to let us know.  Until the begining of the 2010 season... Have fun be safe!

On the flip side, a new opportunity has rose for Hiser Racing, as Ed and Zach talk about going into swap seat driving in the modified division back at the Butler Motor Speedway!  After trading for the competative mod, something sparked an idea in Ed's head to let both him and Zach race, and be local, but what does this mean for the late model that was mentioned above.  "If we have the money to travel we'll race the late model, if we've got the money just to race, we race local with the modified."

Zach has been very busy this summer with weight training, football camp and band camp...oh and racing!  We started racing the Late Model at Butler earlier with a substitute driver. Zach was grounded from racing for a poor grade on his report card. Before we could get Zach back to Butler, they cancelled the late model class. For the rest of the season, money permitting, he will be racing a very limited schedule. He will be in Montpelier, Indiana the first couple of weeks in August. Then October 16th and 17th, he will be in Kokomo, Indiana! Contact us for more info!

July 18, 2009
Zach raced at Montpelier Speedway in Indiana this past weekend. He did ok finishing fifth in the feature. The crew will make minor adjustments to the car and Zach will mentally prepare for his next weekend of racing.

2008 Race Results
Well, the boy wonder is back! His first night at Butler he finished second in his heat and came out third in his feature! Not bad for the first night there!
Last weekend he faired pretty good as well. He finished 3rd in his heat and 5th in his feature. Not quite as good as the first week, but we'll forgive him this time. Just kidding kiddo! You're doing a great job!
Come see us Memorial weekend at Butler (Saturday) and Evergreen on Sunday and Monday! Looking forward to seeing all the Hiser racing fans again! We miss ya!

'05 car repainted for car show
'05 car repainted and repaired

Racing team T-Shirts!
$15 per t-shirt: $20 per sweatshirt

September 22, 2007
Yes, it's been over a year since this has been updated! Zach didn't start racing until about a month ago. His grades slipped the latter part of the school year, so racing was put on hold for half the summer! He is doing well though. This is his first year on dirt in a rear wheel drive stock car. He won his first race on Labor Day! He's still learning and is doing much better with each passing week. We encourage everyone to come out and see him in his "new ride".
September 14, 2006
Hope everyone is doing well!
We will be taking a break from racing until the third weekend in October, when we will race at Evergreen Auto Park on Miller road. They are having a special show including the front wheel drive class on dirt!
Hopefully this break will give us time to regroup and decide what exactly we want to do for next year. We are keeping our options open, and will do what we feel is beneficial to Zach, as long as he wants to do it.
We will keep in touch with everyone to keep them updated on any major decisions relating to the Hiser Racing Team. Continue to check our web page for more photos as we get them.
Very special thanks to all of our sponsors for the 2006 racing season. We look forward to bringing you with us for 2007!
We are currently planning on having a sponsor/fan pizza party in October, or early November. We would appreciate any input for this idea. Good Bad Indifferent??
Special thanks to family and friends who got the chance to come see us at the tracks!
Will keep in touch.........
Hiser Racing
September 2, 2006
We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Well, summer is officially over now, but we still have two weeks of racing left at our "new" track, Baerfield!
We started out the weekend by going to Butler on Friday night so Ed could prove that he could still race a dirt car! He did very well until the rear end broke on him! He started on the pole of his heat race and led all but three laps until it broke! Fortunately, we found someone in the pits with a welder, and they were gracious enough to help us out. We got his car fixed for the feature where he started in the front row. He was running third when the weld gave out in the rear end and he had to pull off. At least he got a chance to prove he could still do it on the dirt!
Saturday night we took "the kid" down to Baerfield Speedway in FORT WAYNE INDIANA.  It was about a two hour drive for us, but we really had a great time down there. They welcomed us with open arms and really helped us get to know the workings of a "real track". They ran three hot lap sessions for the drivers to warm up their cars and get a feel for the track conditions.
This was the first time that Zach has ever had to qualify. He was visibly nervous! He opted to qualify last and ended up doing an excellent job! He qualified 6th fastest out of eleven cars! They divided the cars into two separate heats. Zach started on the pole of the "fast" heat. The green flag dropped and he ended up with a huge lead and held onto it all the way to the checkered flag! We were so excited! We honestly did not expect a win his first time at that track! The announcer kept saying he was fourteen, not eleven!!! aaaaggghh! Everyone in the pits was super excited for him too!
Feature time comes and he starts fourth. The green flag drops and by turn three he's up to second place. He gets loose a couple of times and drops back to fifth. Then coming into turn one, he gets a little loose again, over-corrects and ends up going off the turn into the grass and just about rolls over. Needless to say we were scared to death!!!! He calmly starts the car back up and goes back onto the track. The crowd goes wild! They are so excited for him! He starts back at the tail and works his way back through the field. He ended up with a sixth place finish and no damage to the car!
The owner of the track drives over to our pit area and asks us to go over to the VIP tower in the stands to talk to the PR guy. This guy's name is Jim Benson, and he used to write about Ed back when he raced full time at Butler, oh so many years ago. He was very excited to talk to Zach and was even more excited when he found out he was only eleven, not fourteen!!! He is currently getting in touch with the Fort Wayne Sentinel (newspaper) and we may have another interview set up for next weekend.
When we were leaving the track, there were so many race fans that were congratulating Zach and complimenting him on how well he did his first night there! We even had people honking at us on the expressway and waving and giving us thumbs up! Zach already has a fan base his first night there!
The track is very excited to have us there and they would love to have us come back full time next year. It is completely up to Zach what we do for next year. We are toying with the idea of running part time at Baerfield in FWD and part time at Crystal in RWD (dirt track). Only time and money will tell the tale for next year!
Sunday, Evergreen Auto Park (Miller's practice track) had open practice. We took Zach's RWD car down for him to practice with. He did well. He spun a few times, but that's to be expected with no experience on dirt! The track is considering opening full time next year, so there is another possibility for us. It is much closer than Baerfield and Crystal. It is located a few miles north of Pioneer, OH off of M-99.
The third weekend of October, Evergreen is having a show. We plan on being there with Zach's FWD car. They will have street stocks, FWD, and late models. When we hear more details we will keep everyone informed.
This Saturday, Sept. 9, is Baerfields $1000 to win show. There's going to be a lot of competition there! I think Zach will do well, but it doesn't hurt to ask for well wishes!
Special thanks to our sponsors. Special thanks to Frank and Kim Lett who made the trek down to Fort Wayne to lend us support our first time there. Thanks to Patrick McNamara who came down to check out the facilities with us. Good luck to him next weekend, he plans on coming down for the $1000 to win too! We'd also like to wish Frank good luck next weekend! He is planning on bringing his late model to Baerfield too!
Special thanks to our friends and family who have supported us all season long!
Until next week........
Hiser Racing
August 29, 2006
As most of you know, we spent the weekend in Tennessee. Beautiful Tennessee! The weather was perfect, the race (Bristol) was great! Not enough cautions to make it too exciting, but just being there was exciting enough. So we obviously have no race results to post for Zach!
We have decided to "retire" from Mottville Speedway for the year. This was a hard decision for us with Zach so close with the points lead. Once we found out the track would not be equipped with any safety personnel the remainder of the season, we decided it would be best not to go back. Safety is number one with us.
On a brighter note, this weekend we will be testing Baerfield Speedway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are being gracious enough to allow us two nights of non-registered racing, which means we don't have to pay to register the car for points. Zach is very excited about this new adventure! A new track, new drivers, new owners. It's gotta be better than what we've been dealing with! I wish we could say that we'll miss Mottville....but I can't seem to get the words out. We'll just chalk it up to a learning experience, and move on!
Baerfield is a further drive for us, but we're willing to do it for the love of the sport. I understand that not many of you will be able to come watch Zach, and that's o.k.! I plan on getting film footage and photos (if the camera works). September 9th is the $1000 to win race at the speedway, so we're excited over that too. As long as Zach finishes in one piece and he's having fun, that's all that matters. Which is more than what I can say for that "other" track.
If anyone would like to check out the next track we're going to tackle go to:
Wish us luck for the upcoming weekend.
Thank you to all of our sponsors, family and friends for your support through this very long racing season!
Until next week..........
Hiser Racing
August 22, 2006
Not a whole lot to report for the past weekend.
After being put in the wall last weekend, Ed, Zach and Chunk worked on getting the car put back together again all week. They replaced the right front fender, straightened the hood, and replaced the front bumper. We also had to repaint the fender to make the car pretty again!
We were all pretty nervous about going back to the track after last weekend's fiasco! Chad Wolff, his wife Diane, and kids, Chad and Erin, towed Zach's car to the track for us, while we hauled the red #57 duster that is still for sale. We made it there a little earlier than normal hoping to calm our nerves a little bit.
Zach took his car out for hot laps, but the car was running very rough. We thought maybe it was from the rain, and it just needed to run a little bit. The car seemed to smooth out as he took more laps, so we thought it was cured.
We had the drivers' meeting as scheduled and Ed made a public apology regarding the incidents that happened last weekend. No one said a word. The owner thanked him, but no one else said anything. We were kinda hoping that someone would apologize for rough driving our kid, but no such luck.
So, they go out for the pursuit (always the first race of the night) and the car did not want to run! He brought it in after a couple of laps, and said the brakes felt "funny" too. Ed looked everything over and couldn't seem to find a visible problem. So they go out for the dash race, and the car still wasn't running right. Zach ended up finishing third, but was visibly upset after the race was over. He said the brake pedal went to the floor and the brake light came on. We decided to load the car before something awful happened in the next race.
Meanwhile, fellow racer, Eric Root, raced the #57 Duster. He did an awesome job finishing second in the pursuit, first in the dash, third in the heat, and fourth in the second heat. We had been having problems getting the car started all night. Each race it would smoke a little more too! Finally, the car decided to quit running during the last feature. We haven't determined the problem with that car yet! Zach's car takes priority over the #57! Sorry Eric!!!
So Zach has fallen to second in points. Although we were hoping for a track championship, we think that promoting safe driving, and a safe racing environment is a little more important than that. We have also found out that the normal "safety crew" of Mottville, may not be returning after this weekend. This leaves the track with no medically trained personnel. I don't feel it's a good idea for us to race there with no medical staff! Safety is always first!!
We have found a track in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that will let Zach run his front wheel drive car. We plan on going down there next Saturday (Sept 2) for him to test the track, and for the owners to take a look at him. On September 9, they're having $1000 to win in Zach's class of cars! We're not getting our hopes up, but hey, it could happen!! It's a little further drive, but it's more experience for Zach and it may be a better track for us. We will keep everyone informed on what we decide to do.
Special thanks to our sponsors. Special thanks to Chunk for helping us put the car back together! A very special thanks to the Wolffs for towing the car and lending us support when we needed it.
We will be on vacation this weekend, so we will not be at Mottville. Instead, we will be in BRISTOL TENNESSEE watching NEXTEL CUP RACING! Watch for us on TV!!!
Until next time......
Hiser Racing
We had another good weekend of racing. Zach has regained the points lead after an exhausting weekend of close racing, and heated tempers.
On Saturday during the feature, he started at the tail and quickly moved up front. He had a big lead until a yellow flag bunched the cars back together. At this point there were three laps to go. The same person we've been having problems with was right on his rear bumper. Coming out of turn two, on the last lap, this person tagged Zach in the rear bumper causing him to spin on the backstretch. Fortunately, they gave the win to Zach because of the intentional spin.
Saturday Results
Dash:    1st
Heat:     2nd
Feature: 1st
Sunday Results:
Pursuit:  1st
Dash:     3rd
Heat:      1st
Feature:  2nd
Feature:  8th
Sunday wasn't so fun for us. Zach did o.k. in all the races, but Ed had had enough of the rough driving. Zach was ahead of this certain individual in the first feature race, and while coming off of turn four, this person tagged Zach's bumper (again) and ended up cutting his own tire and slamming into the wall, damaging his own car for the night. So now this person borrows a car for the second feature, and started quite a few cars ahead of Zach. As usual, Zach is quickly moving to the front of the field. He goes to pass this person on the outside and is pushed into the wall, damaging his hood and right fender. He needed the wrecker to come off the track. By now Ed is very upset! Twice in one night he has been intentionally wrecked! Of course Ed is yelling some expletives towards this other driver while waiting for Zach to come off the track. After Zach is towed off the track, we attempt to get his car fixed. Another driver, this individual's "team mate" comes flying off the track (still in his car) towards our pit area threatening Ed and swinging his arms out of the car. Ed goes over to tell him to back out of our pit area and leave us alone. This individual continues to threaten Ed to the point where he can't control his anger anymore. Ed yanked the guy's helmet off his head, and threw it through the back window of his car. So now, the individual calls the police. Ed is charged with simple assault and we had to pay a bond of $112. The police said had we called first, it would've been the other way around.
The track owner decided to suspend Ed to make an example out of the situation. After keeping in close contact with the owner, he has decided to possibly drop the suspension order. The owner wasn't properly informed on how everything happened, so after he heard several accounts, he decided to give Ed another chance. He has also decided to keep an eye on rough driving and penalizing the drivers causing intentional wrecking. We just hope that he keeps his word. If we could go to another track to race, we would, trust us! This is just getting way out of hand! Zach was ready to quit racing Sunday night. He's had a couple days to calm down, and now he's ready to go back and show everyone that he is the better driver! Believe me, if he doesn't want to go, we will NOT GO! I know our son is well protected in that car, and we will have several friends there at the track with us to help protect us. We appreciate any support, prayers, whatever it takes to help us through this rough time.
Special thanks to our sponsors. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Ed and Kathy Eldridge for sticking with us Sunday night. We really appreciate the support! Very special thanks to Granny & O'pa for rushing to our side Sunday night for moral support.
We race Saturday only this week. We will be on vacation the 26th, so we will not be racing that weekend. Labor day weekend is a triple header weekend with races on Sat., Sun., and Mon. We will keep everyone informed on what is going on with the situations!
Until next week...
Hiser Racing
We had a very interesting weekend of racing. Tempers flared and jealousy reared its ugly head yet again! In my honest opinion when the race is over, and you're ticked off that an eleven year old beat you across the finish line, and you feel it's necessary to run into him and just about roll him over, it's time that you leave the racing sport. GET OVER IT! Sorry, had to vent. We have video proof of this incident too, if anyone is interested. Oh and another thing, if you also feel it's necessary to gang up on his father (who was racing in the same race) because he's doing better than you are, and feel that it's necessary to blatantly run into him (under a yellow flag, no less) it's also time you left the racing sport and GET OVER IT! This just proves that Zach is THE BEST DRIVER OUT THERE. I have never seen my child so upset over a racing incident. He is usually calm, quiet, and just writes it off as a racing "incident." After Saturday's fiasco, he was ready to exchange words with the other driver. Being the quiet child that he is, he walked it off, kicked some stones around and was o.k. after a few minutes. I believe that he may have been spooked after that incident and ended up not finishing the second feature. He is now three points out of first, but after this weekend, I'm thinking that a points championship isn't worth the stress that we're under having to deal with a bunch of idiot drivers.
On a different note, Zach finally got to run his sportstock on Sunday. Boy did he have a ride! About half way through the race, the rear axel broke and sent his rear tire flying around the track! He did a loop and came to rest on turn one. He said it was a fun ride! So now we're in need of a rear axel for the sportstock!
Saturday Results
Pursuit:  1st
Dash:     1st
Heat:      1st
Feature:  1st
Feature: 10th
Sunday Results
Zach MTC Division 2
Pursuit:  1st
Dash:     1st
Heat:     1st
Feature: 2nd
Feature: 1st
Ed MTC Division 1
Dash:    3rd
Heat:     1st
Feature: 1st
Feature: 3rd
Ed did well in Division 1 with three wins on Sunday! This car is for sale too, $300 if anyone is interested in running it at Mottville.
Well, I've vented enough! We really appreciate everyone's support through the racing season! Thank you to our sponsors! Thanks to Eric Root and Glenna Sargent for staying with us Saturday night! We had a great time playing euchre and venting about the night's racing incidents!
Another double-header this coming weekend! We sure would love to see some of you out there supporting the boy wonder! LOL Hope to see you soon.
Until next week......
Hiser Racing
We had another great weekend of racing! We camped at the track and endured the 100 degree weather by staying in our air conditioned motor home! We had a great time Saturday night with friends staying after the races to sit around and "shoot the breeze"!
Friday we went to Kalamazoo Speedway with VIP passes from WIN 98.5. We met the morning show staff, and Dan Frazier (local racecar driver competing to be on a racing reality show). They passed around Zach's scrapbook and couldn't believe how well he's doing for as young as he is. He got an autographed photo of Dan, and in return Zach gave Dan an autographed business card!
Saturday, July 29
Pursuit: 3rd
Dash:    2nd
Heat:     1st
Feature: 1st
Sunday, July 30
Pursuit:      1st
Dash:         1st
Heat:          1st
Feature(1):  2nd
Feature(2):      1st
As you can see, Zach almost had a clean sweep on Sunday! Sunday was also trophy night, so he ended up with four total trophies for one night of racing! He started second in the second feature behind Brooks, and just couldn't get around him. He is such a clean driver, that he wouldn't think of using his bumper to gain positions. This puts him one point behind the leader!
We have double headers the next two weekends, so we'll be camping at the track again.
Special thanks to Frank and Kim Lett who came to the pits to help out. Special thanks to Brian and Amanda Fast for spending the evening with us and cheering Zach on! Thanks to Root racing for supplying the ICEE Pops in the concessions! As always, thanks to our sponsors, family, and friends who support Hiser Racing!
Still waiting on confirmation dates from NBC for both the Today show and the Megan Mullally show. We will keep everyone informed!
Until next week........
Hiser Racing
July 22, 2006
We have been a very busy family since the Chicago Tribune was published! Ed has been on the phone daily with producers from the Today show and the upcoming Megan Mullally show. We sent out our first DVD this morning with footage of Zach racing and Zach being a kid. We are patiently () waiting to get a confirmation date for both programs. We will keep everyone updated for sure!
Ed and Zach were on WJIM1240 AM on Saturday morning. Zach did a great job with his interview! We have a copy of the program on CD that I will try to upload to the web page later on (pending no computer problems LOL).
Zach had a very good night at the races Saturday. He is now four points out of first place. So close, yet so far away!
Pursuit: 4th
Dash:    2nd
Heat:     1st
Feature: 2nd
Feature: 1st
We have a double header coming up this weekend with racing on Saturday and Sunday. We're camping at the track Saturday night, so if anyone comes to watch, they are more than welcome to come back to the pits afterwards to visit with us. Remember general admission is $5, and pit passes are $20. We are mid-way through the season now!  Only 23 more races left in the season...phew...we're already worn out!
Special thanks to the Corn Shack, our newest sponsor! He funded this weekend's racing fun! Thanks to all who support the Hiser Racing Team!
Until next week.......
Hiser Racing
Saturday, July 15
What a weekend! We camped out at the track Saturday and Sunday for the double-header weekend. Coming into the weekend, Zach was one point into first place. We knew we had our work cut out for us! We were worried that the car would run too hot because of the high temperatures. So, after every race we sprayed his radiator down to ensure the temperature wouldn't get out of control! We also sprayed Zach to cool him down!!
Pursuit: 4th
Dash   : 3rd
Heat    : 4th
Heat    : 3rd
Feature: 4th
Feature: 3rd
He didn't do too bad tonight, but we found a problem with his power steering. It was on the verge of seizing up, so we remedied the problem before the races on Sunday.
Pursuit: 2nd
Dash   : 1st
Heat    : 1st
Feature: 1st
This gives Zach 6 feature wins in the MTC class, and a total of 25 (we believe) total wins! Not too shabby, eh? He is now 5 points out of first place, but we believe that he can get the lead back!
While we were racing, Granny and O'pa received a very interesting phone call from California. It was the co-producer of the Today show! They seen Zach's story from the Chicago Tribune, and are interested in having him on the show. We are still in the planning/waiting process, but we will keep everyone updated as we hear more news.
We have heard from a radio station in Chicago regarding an interview with Zach as well. We are also in a waiting process for that endeavor! Michigan Talk Radio Network is interested in Zach too!
Zach was featured on the Paul Harvey show Monday during the noon segment of the show as well. We are just overwhelmed, excited, scared, you name the emotion and we have it! We can't believe how big this has become in such a short time. We are just hoping that Zach doesn't get "burnt out" too soon and begin to not enjoy his childhood. We are looking out for his best interest right now, and are very careful as to who he talks to and who contacts us.
Very special thanks to Terry Katz from the Sturgis Journal for kickstarting this media explosion! We will keep in contact with her regarding everything Zach related!
Special thanks to our new sponsors: Moscow General Store (Moscow, MI), The Saucy Dogs(Jonesville, MI), and Jax'n Mix Mini Mart(Hanover, MI).
A very special thanks to Patrick McNamara for compiling everything on Zach and posting it on the Lansing Sports Rage web site. Also, thanks for coming out and racing with us on Sunday! It's o.k. that you didn't beat Zach, not many can. LOL Just Kidding Rick!!
An extra special thanks to everyone that supports the Hiser Racing Team! We won't forget all the support you've given us! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Until next week...........
Hiser Racing
July 8, 2006
We had a very exciting weekend! We left the house as soon as I got home from work Saturday and met the Chicago Tribune reporter for lunch in Sturgis. Zach was very professional with his interview. Course, he is becoming a seasoned veteran with interviewing. LOL
The reporter, Bob Sector, brought his thirteen year old son along for the interview. He seemed very interested in Zach and the whole racing sport. He'd never been to a racetrack, nor watched a NASCAR event! We tried to teach him as much as we could while we were at the track. We haven't got him talked into driving yet though!
The Tribune also sent a photographer to the track to capture what happens in the pits and on the track. She also had some shots in the grandstands of Granny, O'pa, Great-Grandma Francis and Pa-Pa!
Zach's great-grandparents came all the way down from the upper peninsula to watch him race! They had a great time! Grandma Francis was a little nervous when she first seen Zach take the track, but she ended up having a great time!
The photographer also recorded some sound bytes to upload to the Chicago Tribune website! She's coming back next weekend to record some more! She had Zach do a little intro on himself, stating his age, where he's from, and what he does at the track!
Okay, on to the race results!
Tonight they ran three different heat races due to a low car count (we had a total of seven cars). Zach finished second in the first heat, third in the second heat, and he won the third heat. He finished second in the pursuit. They also ran two features. He finished second in the first feature and first in the second feature! We had a wonderful photo taken of the whole family standing with Zach and the checkered flag at the start finish line!
They did not run any sportstock races because Zach's car was the only one there! Ed's car is broke, sitting at home waiting patiently to be fixed. The track owner is seriously considering dropping the sportstock class before the end of the month. We will probably continue to have Zach hot lap the car there every chance he gets though!
Look for new photos on the website later this week. We will let everyone know about the Chicago Tribune as soon as we find out more!
Thanks to all of our sponsors! Thanks to Grandma Francis and Pa-pa for spending the weekend with us!
A very long weekend for us with racing on Sat., Sun., and Mon.! We camped at the track all weekend, and even with some thunderstorms, and rain showers, the racing was kept on schedule!
Sat. July 1
Zach had a good night with a second in the pursuit, third in the dash, and a fourth in the heat. He was concerned with how hot the car had been running so we kept a close eye on it for the feature. He ended up with a fourth place finish and found out he was now one point ahead of second place. Unfortunately we found out that the head gasket on his car let go, so we knew we had a lot of work to get done on Sunday.
Ed finished second in his heat and third in the feature still maintaining a big points lead. Zach is still sitting pretty in second place.
Sun. July 2
We woke up early so the boys could head to Sturgis to buy Block Seal with hopes that it would temporarily repair the head gasket. The directions called for 12 hours for it to work properly..we only had 7. Nothing to lose right?
Zach finished third in the pursuit with no signs of overheating, or leakage yet. Good sign. He placed fourth in the dash and second in the heat. Still no signs of ill luck. He ran a great feature and finished fourth, and now he's tied for first place!
A racing buddy, Jeff Davis, came to the track to race against Ed and Zach. Zach had been "trash talking" Jeff for two months to come down and race against him, and he finally showed up! In the dash, Zach started on the pole and Ed and Jeff (with bigger engines) quickly moved to the front. Coming up to the last lap, Ed was leading, and coming into turn two, Jeff lost traction and spun out. Zach just drove on by taking second place. Boy did the trash talk start again. It was pretty funny! Jeff was a great sport about the whole thing! In the heat, Jeff was able to redeem himself and finish second. When feature time rolled around, Jeff was unable to get his car started. So Zach finished ahead of Jeff once again. We're thinking he's not coming back. LOL
Ed made a clean sweep that night, winning all preliminary races and the feature! Just more padding for the points lead. First time he's ever had a clean sweep!
Mon. July 3
What a night. With the points lead tied, we've determined that the first place points position is jinxed. Slight hint of a possibly blown head gasket again, with both points leaders!
During the pursuit, Zach didn't run as hard to save the car for the night. At least the pursuit isn't a points race! We kept an eye on the water level and the temperature throughout the night. He had good finishes with a second in the dash, third in the first heat and a second in the second heat. After each race we were putting water in the radiator and trying to keep the engine as cool as possible. The feature was the most exciting race of the evening! Zach started fourth and was running very well. He was coming into turns one and two when a car that was battling with him for the same spot, got into him a little and blew out his right front (brand new!) tire. We busted butt in the pits to get his tire changed! Fellow racer, Scott Hagaman, was quick to lend us a hand! We got him back out onto the track, but he had to go to the tail because of the "unscheduled pit stop"! So they raced a few more laps when the same incident happens again to two different cars! Brooks, who is tied with Zach for first in points, and Eric Root got together in the same corner and both ended up with flat tires. Ed, being the hero that he is, proceeded to change tires on both cars with the help of Scott again! Ed was commended on his great sportsmanship by helping the guy who is tied with us in points! Anyone who knows Ed will say, he'd do it for anybody..well...almost. LOL  Zach ended the night fourth in the feature and received a "Top Five Feature Finish" trophy to end the triple header weekend.
Ed finished second in both the heat and feature with Zach finishing third in both races. Zach is improving each week in his sportstock! We think he's ready for a bigger engine. But as usual, that takes money.
Ed may have "toasted" his motor after tonight's feature! We may have a motor to replace it, but we're not sure of the condition of the engine yet.
This is the first weekend that Zach has not won a race! The cheating accuasations have ceased now, so that's a good thing! We hope to get his car back in top condition for next weekend!
Tue. July 4
We got up bright and early to make it to the Hanover Parade! Ed's sister Cyndi and I (Kris) handed out candy and business cards to the kids, while Zach perched on his show car and smiled and waved to the crowd. We are thinking of taking the show car to the track next weekend for kart driver, Preston Craw, to hot lap. That's only if we get his (Zach's) race car running right!
We have a reporter from the Chicago Triubune that is tentatively scheduled to accompany us to the track next Saturday. We're excited because he contacted us regarding a story on Zach.
Thank you to our sponsors! Special thanks to Root Racing for providing us with sportstock tires! Special thanks to Mary McConnell for floating the loan for this weekend's racing excitement! Thanks to Granny & O'pa for fuel and pictures.
It was a great weekend of racing. Zach has finally moved back into the points lead in the MTC class! Ed is maintaining his points lead in the sports stocks!
We camped at the track Saturday night and went to a reunion on Sunday. We had a very busy weekend!
This coming weekend we have a "triple header" with racing on Sat, Sun, and Mon evenings. Remember grandstands are only $5!!
Saturday, June 24
Zach did well on Saturday with 3rd place finishes in the dash and the heat. He did some of his best driving I've ever seen him do in the feature! He started on the tail and worked his way up to first. He held off the second place car for half the race and was overpowered down the straightaway! He tried using different lines to finally get around second place to finish in first! This makes four feature wins so far this year in the MTC class!
Ed had third place finishes in both the heat and the feature. He has quite the points lead right now. Zach is still sitting pretty in second place in the sports stock division.
Sunday, June 25
We had a reunion today at 12:00 in Coldwater, then it was back to the races! On our way back to the track we ran into some sprinkles and then rain. Last year Zach was the best driver in the rain. This time we get to see if he still is!
He did very well in the pursuit and the dash finishing first in both races! By the time the heat race came around, the track was drying out and the other drivers could handle the conditions. He ended up with a second in the heat and a third in the feature. Still good though!! Good enough for the points lead!!
Ed finished second in all of his races, Zach finished third in the sportstock races.
Unfortunately, the track is considering removing the sportstock class. This is going to hurt us tremendously. We are very fortunate to have a track that is willing to let an eleven year old race! If they remove the sportstock class, he will have no way of practicing in a rear-wheel drive car. They are saying they may remove the class as soon as the end of July. We are hoping that the practice track (Evergreen Raceway, Miller Rd., off of M-99) will open up for us. Zach ran his fwd car there last year. It's dirt, but that's ok! The more experience the better!
We want to thank all of our sponsors, family, and friends that support us through the race season! It sure is a long one!!!
Hope to see some of you at the track soon!
June 17, 2006
An interesting night for us.
Zach did really well with wins in both the pursuit and the heat race. He has been starting on the tail of each race now because of how well we have the car set up and how well the "kid" can drive! He did an awesome job in the feature and finished second. He is slowly gaining on our points leader with only 17 points separating them.
Ed wasn't feeling so hot Saturday, but he still raced the good race and finished second in his heat and the feature. He is still holding on to his sports stock points lead.
Unfortunately, because of how well Zach is doing this year, some drivers feel that he is cheating some how. Can you believe that? An eleven year old accused of cheating. C'mon, remember when we had all the problems at the beginning of the year?? Everyone has their good streaks and their bad ones. We're on a great streak right now. At anytime something could break on that car. These people just need to get over their jealously and just drive. We knew going into this, that this would happen. It's unfortunate, but a fact of the sport. We really appreciate all the support that everyone has given us through good times and bad. We will never forget that!!
On a different note, Zach, with the help of Granny (thank you, btw!) was able to meet and greet several of his fans and potential fans at Wal-Mart in Jonesville on Thursday. He was invited to join the show cars by members of all of the race teams involved at Wal-Mart. Friday they headed to Wal-Mart in Adrian. He was also able to impress members of the Hendrick's, Petty, and Yates show car team by setting records in the NASCAR Simulators that were set up at both locations. They did mini-interviews with him and took several photos and said that they will take his story back to the guys at the "shop."
For father's day, we went to SILOS fun park after the races to "prove" who was a better driver. Zach won the first round and even after a rematch, he won again!  Can you believe they won't let him run the oval track carts?? You have to be sixteen. Well, he drives a race car! It doesn't matter, still has to be sixteen. GEESH!!
Hope everyone had a great father's day! We have some new photos for the website so be sure to check out the winning photos page! Next weekend is a double header with races on Saturday and Sunday.
As always thank you to all of our sponsors. Special thanks to Patrick McNamara for lending us a trailing arm for the feature!
June 10, 2006
Another great night of racing!
Zach started near the back of the pack in the pursuit and finished second, even after a hair raising caution involving our points leader, Arthur Brazee, and a car from Spartan Speedway, Patrick McNamara. The kid held his line, passed half the field, and had a great finish.
During the dash, it was between Zach and our third place points car, James Brooks. Zach gave James a run for his money, but in the end, James held his line and Zach had to "settle" for second!
During the heat race, Zach started toward the back and worked his way up front. He overcame Brooks and had his first win of the night!
The feature was the most exciting race of the night! Zach started on the tail, and worked his way up to third. He got shuffled to the back of the pack about three-quarters of the way through the race. With about four laps to go, going into turns three and four, Zach did an excellent "slide job" coming out of the turns. He surpassed the top four cars and took over the lead! He let them know this was his race to win! He never looked back and proceeded to win his third feature so far this season!
Ed is maintaining his points lead in the sport stock division, placing second in the feature!
Zach remains second in the point standings, only 34 points behind our leader. We keep saying, consistent finishes will get him to the top! Tonight makes 15 race wins so far this season. He is now tied with his wins from his rookie season! We are so excited about how well he is doing. We've had a few "off" nights, but we're hanging in there! We can't win them all, and he realizes this. If anything, he's getting more and more practice each week. Every week he becomes a better driver!
Unfortunately, last weeks photos haven't been developed yet. No new winning photos on the site this week!  
On a different note, Wednesday, June 14th, we will be in the Brooklyn parade at 6:00 pm to kick off MIS weekend! We're very excited over this! If anyone can make it, I encourage you to come see us!
As always, special thanks to our sponsors! A big thank you to Patrick McNamara, the 730AM Dodge Daytona, for paying our way to the pits! We look forward to racing with you again!
June 3, 2006
Another great night of racing!
We got the bumper back on the car and the set-up dialed in to a "t" for this weekend!
Zach went out for the pursuit, which he normally uses as hot laps, and won! He made it look so easy! He then went out for the dash, started third, and by the second lap was in first place and never looked back. The heat race was a little more challenging, but he still ended up with a third place finish after being shuffled to the back of the pack.
Ed had some pretty good competition tonight, so he ended up with a third in the dash, a second in the heat, and a third place finish in the feature. His stock motor is no match for the big money, built up cars, but he still remains first in the point standings!
Zach started the feature towards the back of the pack and made it all the way to first place by the middle of the race. He had a pretty good lead on the field before a caution came out for a stalled car on the track. We were a little concerned because the caution allowed the gap to close between Zach and second place with only nine more laps to go. Zachary managed to maintain his lead and hold off the second place car to win his second feature of the year in the MTC class! He still remains second place in points, but if he continues to be consistent in his finishes, he may be looking at first place in no time.
A reporter from the Sturgis Journal was at the track tonight. She was informed that Zach was only 11 years old racing with the adults. Needless to say, she hung out with us most of the night, took several pictures, and said our story would be on the front page! We will try to get extra copies if anyone would like one. We will post it on our website as well.
Thank you to all of our sponsors. Special thanks to Granny & O'pa who lended pit support, and bought us dinner! LOL By the way, that feature win was for you O'pa! He had never seen Zachary win a feature until last night, so we had the photo taken as a family. Look for that photo next week on the site!
Thanks to all who support the Hiser Racing team!!
Memorial Weekend
A long hot weekend was a success!
Saturday:  As we are unloading and setting up camp, an old friend rolls in to lend suport and set-up knowledge. Frank (spud) Lett, and let's just say he hasn't lost his touch. He jumped in with both feet and helped set up Ed's sport stock. Ed finished with a second in the heat and his first feature win in 15 years of racing! Sunday and Monday there was more competition so he ended up with two 3rd place finishes, which helped secure his points lead.
On Saturday, Zach finished second in the dash and heat and 3rd in the feature. Sunday was much better with first place finishes in both the pursuit and the dash, 3rd in the heat and 2nd in the feature. This now puts him back up to 2nd in points.
Monday was a very long day with parades in Jonesville and North Adams, then back to the track for more racing excitment. 
Zach was able to overcome an ill-handling car to get 3rd in the dash 5th in the heat and a very close 2nd in the feature. There were a few incidents on the track that caused him to lose his rear bumper, so we have that to fix this week!
On a down note, Zach's sport stock's motor let go so we are in need of a stock 350 or 305 Chevy engine. By the way, Zach is second in points in this class as well!
Again, thank you to Frank Lett for all his help.  Thanks again to all our sponsors. Thank you to Granny and O'pa for lending us pit crew support on Saturday!
We hope to see some of you at the track this summer! Remember, general admission is only $5 and after the races you can come back and visit us!!
We hope to have a great race report next week too!
May 20, 2006
After a long day at the Jonesville Riverfest, we headed to the races. Thank you to all the sponsors who stopped by at Riverfest.
It was a beautiful night for racing! Zach started 4th in the MTC pusuit and was able to hold off the field to win his first ever pursuit race! Then in the dash he started on the pole and never looked back. Two wins so far and no signs of engine trouble. Heat race time, and Zach finished 2nd, if only there had been more laps. 
In the sport stock Zach finished 3rd in the heat and dad finished 2nd and same finish in the feature.
In the MTC feature Zach started on the tail and made his way to 3rd in no time then spun in someone's water. He was sent back to the tail and with the laps winding down, Zach was able to finish 5th after passing all of those cars again.
Thank you to the 730 AM team for coming down to race at Mottville. We look forward to racing with them again! Congratulations to them on their first feature win.
We plan on camping at the track for Memorial Weekend, with races being held on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We encourage people to come watch the "boy wonder" race! We also plan on having the show car in a Memorial day parade. More details to come.
Thank you to all of our sponsors!
May 13, 2006
  Well, due to a weeklong downpour, there are no race results to
report! Mottville cancelled races for Saturday night, and plan to have Sunday
make-up races next month.
  On a different note, we will be attending Riverfest in Jonesville
with both this year's and last year's MTCs. We will be in the AFLAC
parking lot, so be sure to come visit us! We will be there until about 1:30
on Saturday then we're off to the races.
  Thank you to all of our fans and sponsors for your continuing
support. Special thanks to Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Charlie for purchasing
Hiser Racing T-shirts to support our racing habit! We still have a few
left if anyone else is interested in purchasing them!
  Hope to have a great race report next weekend!

May 6, 2006
Oh what a night..
After last weekend's fiasco, we decided that Zach would "sandbag" through most of the preliminary races and "save" the car for the feature. Yah, a true racer never sandbags!
He ended up with a "photo-finish" second place in the dash. He lost by a bumper if that! We were pretty excited that the car held together that long!
During the heat race there was a crash in turn three (idiot drivers) and Zach had no where to go. So he has his first big dent in the car. It broke his hood pins which in turn caused the hood to fly up, so he had to pull off the track so we could bungee-cord the hood down in order for him to finish the race. He ended up fifth out of that mess.
During the feature the car started out running fine. About the fourth lap in the race, Zach was charging into first position and the car started chugging again! AAGHH! ANOTHER BROKEN LIFTER!!! We think the head work may have been done improperly. We're running out of options. This week we will probably change the head.
On a higher note, Zach won his first ever sport stock race, and it was the feature! Plus he beat his dad! LOL This makes six nights of racing with six wins. At least he's trying to be consistent!
Zach is still sitting in third position in points in the Mini-Thunder car class. He is now fourth in points in the sport stock division. (We smell rookie-of-the-year again!) Despite all the bad luck lately, he sure is hanging on.
Thanks to all our sponsors! A special thanks to Granny, O'Pa, and Chad Wolff for financing this weekend's racing.
Thanks to Willard Lamb of Water Conditioning Services out of Hudson for sponsoring us specialty T-shirts and sweatshirts! We are selling these at a cost of $15 for T's and $20 for sweatshirts! All proceeds will go towards racing expenses. Please contact us if you're interested. We have sizes quantities.
April 29, 2006
It's official,  we are in our sophomore slump.  Two nights in a row Zach's mini thunder broke while charging to the front! We did not make the feature and fell to 3rd in points. On a higher note, Zach beat out his dad to place second in the heat with sport stock and just the opposite in the feature; dad second Zach 3rd.
We are hoping to fix the engine in the mini-thunder, but we're not sure what is causing the lifters to break. It has been the same lifter both times. We're going to do some research this week, and hope to be back at it next week.
On another note used dad's ol' faithful truck after finally putting a clutch in after 229,154 mile on the original clutch!
Special thanks to our sponsors!
April 22, 2006
Another interesting night of racing!
We left early with hopes to get the race car and truck washed before the races. Well, there was "supposed" to be a benefit car wash in Jonesville in the Subway parking lot, but when we got there they still didn't have the water hooked up! Strike one!
So, we proceeded east through Allen, Quincy, Coldwater, Bronson, then Ed suddenly remembered we forgot the gate key to pick up Zach's sport stock! There wasn't enough time to go back home to get the key, so Ed called his friend who "normally" would have a gate key, but he loaned his out to someone else... Strike two!
We proceeded the rest of the way through Sturgis and White Pigeon and arrived at the track about an hour early. Thank goodness it was a nice day.
Zach did a great job racing Saturday night! He placed second in the pursuit, second in the dash, and he won his heat race! O.K., so now our night's getting better! Oh, did I mention that Ed's sport stock wouldn't start when we got there? Ya, but he got it push started for the feature and place third!
So, Zach started about 5th in his feature, and he's moving up pretty fast. He's about to overtake the second place car and all of a sudden he slows WAY down! Then he's signaling that he's about to pit! Ed was obviously very concerned. This never happens! Zach said that it started running really bad and when he pulled it in it was puffing smoke real bad out the exhaust. Our first thought was "we blew ANOTHER engine"! Strike three, right!?
Well, Ed got up this morning and tore right into the car. Fortunately it was just a broken lifter. He changed the broken part, and says that all it needs now is an oil change and we should be good to go next weekend! YES!!!! Let's hope we remember the gate key so Zach can get more seat time in the sport stock!
Even with the bad night, Zach moved back into second place in points! We're hoping to get his #1 spot back within the next couple weekends.
Special thanks to our sponsors and the Wolffs for loaning the tow vehicle AGAIN! :)
April 15, 2006
We had an educational weekend. Zach was grounded on Monday for not doing his home work, but because of his points lead mom thought he should have been able to "earn" back his racing privilages. So with the week starting he had a list of stuff to do by Friday, which didn't get done. So Zach got to sit in the grandstands with mom and watch the races and his points lead slip away.
Saturday came and Gary Densel's wife wanted to drive the sport stock. Sandra (Gary's wife) was unsure of the sport stock, so Gary moved the seat so he could drive. He finished 5th in the feature out of 6.
Ed raced as well. With lots of help from other people, long time mentor Frank Lett and fellow racer Paul Scott helped him with handling problems to get a 3rd place finish in the feature.
Lets hope Zach keeps his grades up and chores done at home so he too can race again next week.
Thank you to all of our sponsors. Special thanks to the Wolffs for lending us a tow vehicle!


Parade Lap Before the Pursuit

What a blast!

It's hard to believe a ten year old is driving this car isn't it? Believe me, you have to see it to believe it. The kid's amazing!