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Special Thanks to our sponsors!

Thanks Skippy!
Thanks Skippy!
One of our greatest sponsors!

Special thanks to Skippy's Stickers!
Thanks Skippy's Stickers!

Zach's First Feature Win of 2006
Al Maurer and Zach
Posing with sponsor, Al Maurer of Goshen Collison Center

Put your name on the list for 2010 sponsors and get recognized as we send business your way!

2009 Sponsors
  • Fast Eddie's Speedshop                      Jonesville
  • Granny & O'pa Hiser                           Jonesville
  • Anytime Fire Protection                       Hillsdale
  • Gold Star Taxes                                 Hillsdale
  • NEFCO                                             Jonesville
  • Dee's Flower                                      Spring Arbor
  • Michigan Racing Scene/Marc Times
  • Chunk                                                Hillsdale
  • Thee Plumber
  • Top Shelf Custom Finishing

Thanks Gary Denzel!
Zach's practice street stock
Zach's practice street stock

Riverfest in Jonesville May 2006
In front of AFLAC, one of many sponsors!